Thursday, December 3, 2015

13 Months


Ryan understands tons of words but is so far a man of few words and only a small set of sounds he uses.  Lost of "guh guh guh" or "dah dah dah" sounds.  He likes to extend his arm out and sort of flip his hand and declare "da da da".  Not sure what that means yet but he does that a lot.  

Last night I said "uh oh" to him as he tossed his pants on the floor during a diaper change.  He actually repeated me and said his version of "uh oh" several times.  Enough I even caught it on video.  I even got him to say it once for his dad to which we clapped for him.  After that we asked him to do it again and he skipped the "trick" part and wanted us to go straight to the clapping for him lol.

He loves playing in his car.  Love this little guy!

His favorite things are picking out books to "read" and bringing them to us.  He will hand you the book and then sit down on your lap to page through the book.  If you are lucky you might get to read a few of the pages.  He especially loves books about animals, dogs specifically are a favorite.  He also still loves to toss around balls.  

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